The world is going net zero. This is the goal that was agreed in the Paris Accord and the destination and common purpose that is galvanising business climate action around the world. 

But businesses, particularly SMEs, need guidance and clarity about what Net Zero actually means for them and how to get there.   Net Zero Now exists to remove complexity as a barrier to climate action in a variety of sectors and create consistency, while maintaining rigour and credibility.  

We do this by collaboratively creating sector endorsed protocols to define what Net Zero means for the sector and providing a bespoke platform that makes adhering to the protocol criteria simple. We then certify businesses as either having a net zero target or being net zero now.

It's not about us

The climate crisis requires a response that is both broad and deep, that engages everyone and enables everyone to participate.   


This can never be achieved working alone and Net Zero Now is committed to collaborating with partners that share our ambition for a net zero global economy.

All NZN Sector protocols are developed through a collaboration between climate and industry experts to ensure they are both compliant with the relevant global guidelines on the calculation and reduction of GHG emissions as well as reflecting the different structure, inputs & nuances that are unique to each sector.

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We are indebted to the many organisations working towards climate solutions upon whose foundations and with whose support this initiative is built

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Our Senior Team


Simon Heppner

Executive Director

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Neil Ross Russell

Managing Director

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Giles Gibbons

Strategic Adviser

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