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Why wait for 2030, ‘40 or ‘50, when we have the ability and the will to go net zero now?

We want to to help all business reach Net Zero greenhouse gas emissions as quickly and painlessly as possible

How can we help you?

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We are in the midst of a climate crisis and responsible businesses across the world are rising to the challenge and playing their part. 

The United Nations International Panel on Climate Change, has stated that to avoid dangerous warming we must create a Net Zero global economy and this has given business much needed clarity on the destination.


But the detail of what Net Zero means and how to get there is different for different sectors.


A Net Zero farm, is different to a Net Zero holiday, is different to a Net Zero salon and many businesses are waiting for clarity before taking action.

Net Zero Now solves this problem with the development of sector sanctioned initiatives that provide consistency about what constitutes net zero, the tools to get there and a standard against which businesses that want to claim Net zero can be certified.


Net Zero Now is working with sector development partners to create successful net zero initiatives in multiple sectors 

For each sector initiative, we develop a practical online platform
that enables you to navigate the steps to net zero and get certified

Including all material value chain emissions is the foundation of a credible climate strategy. We work with sector experts to define a practical methodology for calculating 12-month full value chain emissions built on the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.  This includes an approved data set of emissions factors, agreement on which emissions sources must be included and common standards for estimating emissions where data is unavailable. 


Net zero is not possible without an ambitious emissions reduction target and plan. Our software analyses your data, sets a reduction target in compliance with the ambition criteria of The Science Based Targets Initiative and then offers access to practical actions that enable you to meet these targets.  

As well as embarking on an ambitious reduction plan, net zero businesses must also acknowledge and compensate for climate damage caused. The  platform allows you to do that via our certified sector carbon offsets and to go Net Zero, not in 2030 or 2050 but NOW

Transparency is an essential part of a credible net zero strategy and businesses must communicate their emissions data, targets, reduction plans and credits. Our platform includes a publicly accessible registry that lists businesses that have successfully gone not zero in compliance with the standard and provides their emissions data.  

Businesses that follow these steps in accordance with the standard are authorized to display the Net Zero Now certification to communicate that achievement to customers, employees, investors and the rest of the world





Larger organisations and trade associations can join us as development partners to help businesses in their sector

The climate crisis is the most critical issue facing the world today and is at the forefront of challenges facing businesses in your industry.
The general principles of Net Zero are clear, but each sector needs its own unique guidance on how to Calculate, Mitigate and Compensate in a coherent  way. 
We work with industry experts, development partners and trade associations to co-create a consistent methodology for Net Zero in the sector.
We do this by overseeing a collaborative design sprint based on the 5-step process for certification scheme development used by the ISO Committee on Conformity Assessment.


Developing a net zero industry initiative helps:

Trade associations


fulfil their remit to support members with the most urgent challenges they face.


Understand the challenge and take practical, powerful climate action


Larger businesses

in the sector demonstrate leadership by helping SMEs address the climate crisis



Net zero now is working with partners to develop initiatives for a wide range of sectors

if your sector is live, click below to get started.
Otherwise, get in touch if you'd like to discuss how you can be involved


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