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A sector based climate initiative

“Why wait for 2030, ‘40 or ‘50, when we have the ability and the will to go net zero now?”  


The purpose of Net Zero Now is to provide the support & infrastructure to help businesses in a wide variety of sectors to take climate action now. 


We now know that a Net Zero global economy is the destination. The challenge we face is that the detail of what that means and how to get there is different for different sectors. A Net Zero farm, is different to a Net Zero holiday, is different to a Net Zero airport. 

Net Zero Now seeks to solve this problem with the development of sector-specific initiatives that provide consistency about what constitutes net zero and guidance on how to get there. 


At the heart of each initiative is a unique SECTOR PROTOCOL that defines what net zero means for that sector and provides a standard against which businesses that want to go net zero can be certified.


Development of the sector-initiative is funded by a sector sponsor and then delivered by a partner such as a trade association, which takes responsibility for promoting the program to the sector and providing the certification and registry services.


5 Principles of Net Zero

Every sector, product and service has its own unique idiosyncrasies and not all of these can be captured in a single comprehensive protocol. 

The 5 principles of Net zero serve to provide a common foundation upon which sector specific protocols can be developed that deal with the complexity but share common ground. 


Emissions must be calculated in accordance with the appropriate GHG Protocol methodology and include all Green House Gasses (GHGs)


Emissions in scope must include all relevant value chain sources


Emissions reduction targets are mandatory and must be compliant with SBTi criteria and accompanied by credible delivery plans


Carbon offset instruments must be certified to recognized standards and the balance between removal and avoidance offsets must align with the Oxford Principles


Businesses must share details of their climate plans and action transparently and advocate for widespread adoption of paths to net zero.

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