There are numerous sectors and services to which this approach can and must be applied, and for each Net Zero Now will aim to connect a sector sponsor to a delivery partner, follow a similar development process and produce the same component parts

The first project is the Net Zero Restaurant initiative, currently in pilot.

The project attracted philanthropic funding and will be delivered by Food Made Good, the sustainable foodservice program of the Sustainable Restaurant association, and launch Q2 2021.

The initiative is adopting a 5-step development approach, based on the process for certification scheme development used by the ISO Committee on Conformity Assessment, and will create -

  • Restaurant sector Net Zero Protocol

  • Tools for calculation and reporting

  • A diner focused mechanism to add a voluntary climate charge to the bill, corresponding the cost of offsetting the menu items chosen.

  • A Registry to track businesses that validate their net zero activity.

  • A campaign to engage the sector.

  • A digital home at

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The Net Zero restaurant initiative is being delivered by Food Made Good

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